Never stop improving. Here are 3 must-read tips for site owners Jetpack

Improve your site's performance with Jetpack

Here's how to boost your site's performance

A great website is never really finished. Even when you've crossed off every item on your list, there's always something else you can try to attract more visitors or sell more products. Here are three awesome tips — we hope they'll inspire you to revisit your own to-do list.

1. Understand your visitors

Jetpack's Site Stats is a great analytics tool to track how well your site is performing. But its most important function — and the one you need to know — is giving you a better idea of how your site can better serve visitors and give them what they want.

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2. Use email marketing to increase engagement

You can always use more traffic — better yet, more loyal readers. It's no secret that most folks visiting your site already have an email address, so using email to build your relationship with visitors is an obvious next step.

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3. Host resources elsewhere

Mobile devices play a huge role in content consumption, so speed is everything. According to Google, 53% of mobile users will abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. To keep your site as fast as possible, it makes sense to host certain resources with other trusted providers — like Jetpack!

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What's new in this month's Jetpack release

Jetpack 6.3, released earlier this month, includes a major new feature: the Simple Payment Widget. This allows you to add payment buttons anywhere on your site, as well as save multiple buttons for reuse. Other minor improvements include an update to the Site Stats interface so that it looks better on wider displays and a fix for Lazy Loading Images on sites that disable Javascript. Get the full details in our release post.

Improve your site's performance with Jetpack

Earn revenue from your site

Even if making money isn't your website's primary purpose, earning a little bit of revenue from your effort is a good thing. With Jetpack Ads, we've made it incredibly easy to display and customize advertisements on your site.

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