Tapatalk now supports Xenforo 2 & WBB 5. New features and more

Dear Forum Owner,
Xenforo 2.0 and WBB 5 is now supported
Tapatalk have released a version that supports Xenforo 2.0 plug-in. Check out this link where you can download Xenforo 2.0 plug-in for your forum. WoltLab Burning Board 5.x Series Tapatalk Plugin Version BETA 1.4.3 also released. View changelog and get the download link here.
New Analytics & Monetization Chart
The team made a few enhancements to the Analytic console for better view of Ad Performance and more. We have incorporated Monetization in Analytics section for easier navigation together with other related chart trends. Here we have included view of Daily Impression and Estimated Daily Revenue.
To learn more about this new feature, check out our tutorial thread.
Invoice download
For paid customers, you can now download and print invoices directly. Just log-in to your Tapatalk console and navigate to payment and billing to view your invoices.
Connect your Stripe account
We will be introducing a new Payout module in May 2018 and will be soon sunsetting PayPal support, to avoid payment interruption in the future, you can now connect your Stripe account details with us so you can get paid directly via Bank Transfer with lower transaction fee.
Tapatalk Team
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