New Features: Mass Email Sending, Like button and more

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2017 was a year of change for many of you who migrated from various platforms to Tapatalk Groups. Setting the bar high, our team has worked tirelessly to add features. We wanted to end the year with a few more additions to the platform.

Mass email

We thought you might want to send your members a Happy Holidays email. Striving to make this easier and more user-friendly, we've brought mass-email back on line. You can now send an email to your entire member base, or to specific groups.

Tapatalk Account Page has a fresh look.

The page has a new, fresh look, check it out!

Don't forget that you can connect your forum account to your Tapatalk account. This is useful in many ways, especially if you like to post across multiple Tapatalk hosted forums. One login will get you to all your forums.

Click the Tapatalk Logo in the upper left corner of any group to view your Tapatalk Accounts page and navigation section. This is also the place where you can create a new group should you wish to do so.


Upon request by many, we've added a Like feature. The settings for this can be found in the Tapatalk console under Features. Your user will receive an email notification when their posts are liked. Setting for the the user to disable notification is in the UCP.

In-post messaging

You can now message fellow members via a post they made, and the post will be quoted inside your message.

To send such a message, click the arrow at the top right of a member's post and select the private message option.

Support added for editor shortcut

While making a post you can now view original, simply by using Ctrl + Shift + S.


Images in quotes are fixed. This will enable you to see quotes images inside the quotes.

Happy 2018 to all. We look forward to improving and enhancing Tapatalk Groups in the year to come, and many years thereafter.

Thank you for being part of Tapatalk Groups.

Tapatalk Team

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